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Sandra L. Eckert (seart)
Sun, 28 Apr 1996 22:41:29 -0400

Our high school is in the planning stages of renovation; we desperately need
room! I have had to teach some of my classes in the Home-Ec. rooms for the
last three years; last year, however, there was one day that I was glad to
be there.
My painting class was doing some acrylic work. A student came to the desk
with a jar of polymer medium that she was unable to open (I have strong
hands). As I usually do, I tapped the jar on the desk surface, upside down,
to break the seal; that's not ALL that broke! The jar burst, and I was
instantly COVERED with my hair, down my front, and all over my
lap. We all had a good laugh, then I asked a student to find the janitor,
and tried to wipe up as much as I could. I went into the bathroom,
intending to clean up a bit (the bathroom is located in the Home-Ec. suite,
between the two rooms. Luckily, the Home-Ec. teacher returned, and
suggested that I rinse my clothes, and she could throw them in the dryer.
She offered to cover the last 5 minutes of class for me, so I agreed.
5 minutes later, I was in the bathroom, in my underwear, waiting for my
clothes to dry, when the bell rang. Luckily, it was my lunch break, so my
schedule was cooperating with me, but everyone else left! I had no way of
getting the clothes from the dryer without running through the room in less
clothing than I came in with! So I sat down, and tried to figure out what
to do. Luckily, the janitor finally showed up to take care of the rest of
the mess that I had missed, so through a cracked door, I explained my
situation, and he went in search of some clothes for me. I spent the
afternoon in a warmup suit (my clothes needed washing; my rinse wasn't
enough), and thanked goodness for the janitor! Have you ever been in a
situation like that? It's like one of those dreams I used to have as a new
teacher (a million years ago), where you're in front of the class, and
realize you're naked! We laughed about that day for MONTHS!

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