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Fri, 26 Apr 1996 09:16:24 +0800 (HKT)

Well yesturday was an eventful day preferably to be forgotten or stored as a
crazy memory, on the way into the Hong Kong city - well actually in the city on
the busiest road, at a dangeraouse intersection, on a five lane road at the
traffic lights my car stops just stops - electrics I think, right right in the
middle of everything. What do I do amongst all these Hong Kong drivers who look
one way and drive another!!!. I got out opened boot and bonet and with white
rags in hand stood in front of my car and waved at the traffic, trying to
protect my little red car and hoped for a policeman - NO police man, they must
have left planet earth, same the world over "when you want one" syndrome. Anyway
I was almost outside the university where I teach so I ran in battled with
broken english and broken cantenese to get the security guy to phone the police
meanwhile my car stood alone facing those teaming lanes of traffic and by now
could be a hundred pieces of scrap. I ran back, then of course there are 3
police staring at my car, one even in undercover!!!! They were very very helpful
pushed my car out of this awful situation up onto a pedestrian island in the
middle of this majour road. I ran off phoned the tow truck, grabbed a cup of
coffee, and sat on a near by wall to whatch my car, actually I had a wonderful
time whatching the people who would carfuly approach this odd situation, a car
in the wrong place, a place where ONLY they should be, some pretended they did
not see it and if they pretended not to see it perhaps it would go away, some of
the took the courage to try and learn more about it, to stare inside, some even
more courageouse touched it and took time to walked around it - well after all
it was outside of a university with an 'art department' could this be 'no!'
'well may be it is' - ART!!!!
The things we do !!!!!!!
Hope you enjoyed some fun reading and no harm is meant to any one.
All my LOVE
PS I am still working on the USA visit idea.