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teaching is a joy

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Tue, 23 Apr 1996 16:00:45 +1000

In response to eilleen prince's fair comments which i agree with to a
degree.. First of all Blind Euginie has taught at no schools.Tee Hee:>
I will be soon as soon as I finish my dip ed. t the reluctance of my spit
I mean I don't know what the hell I'm talking about do i but i just
wanted to open up the playing field .I find a world where complacency is
becoming the world .People are following not going off in their
own directions..limitations are put on them.
At the end of the day i'd rather see a happy kid rather than one who
doesn't want to do their homework and doesn't want to go to school the
next day.I had a good upbringing ,i thought a good school, a few years back
numerous members of the christian brother staff were up on charges for
you know what...this is not isolated nor the norm but i just want to say
there's trouble and it's a better situation to deal with what kind of
student the schools turn out.Whatever schools those christian brothers
went to did a lousy job if it turned them into paedophiles. They could all do
maths and english quite well though.
I'm optimistic about most things in the education system i think.There
are some contentious issuues that we all have.Freedom is not just a buzz word
it's an application i would like to see incorporated into the students heads that they do have some soprt of freedoms...It's their right to express themselves
for instance ....Is this takin away from them...Let's fight to make sure it's
not../writing on the net like this one tends to's not the best way
to get views across like this .This is a complex situation as someone kindly
pointed out to me ...and i realize the change won't really occur where .parents,teachers and students see eye to eye and go forth but these are the things
i'm interested in . and these are the questions in art ...why are we here ,where are we going,what's the meaning behind it all??/.etc..I hope we don't get bored and complacent with these questions.

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