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Re: poem/parts

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henry (taylorh)
Fri, 19 Apr 1996 15:30:48 -0700 (MST)

On Fri, 19 Apr 1996, BLIND EUGENIE wrote:

> "death, cruelty, sin stalk among us filling
> their maws with innocence and youth, " po

"and the last to flee the box was hope..." pandora

"fear is the mind killer, the little death
that brings total obliteration" f. herbert

"I danced with death, and with freedom and with sin.
I danced with beauty, and with evil and the Djinn.
I danced with you and you danced with me for its only
in the dance that we all are free..." unknown

> Freedom should be a law of human life it's not.I believe dicipline
> and obedience in schools detrimental to a child's sense of grace
> creativity and wholesomeness. Why can't these things be changed.

because we can't agree

> If you want happy creative children we have to break the shackles
> from their spirits. Fuel the fire in their bellies not smother it

un huh....

> Find me some children that love school i ask alot and they don't
> like it. And they don't like many of their teacherrs either. The
> system is difficult. it's hard work at 6 years old and then the system
> lost them, crushed them .

true enough.

"the system" is neither a single or a concrete entity. it has no will
or desire. what it produces is the result of a long and impossibly complex
calculation, reiterated every few seconds across the planet. it is a
calculation based largely on the examples and models we ourselves bring to
the discourse. bring something that works and does not crush and a
possibility exists the the product of the system will itself crush less.
but, the crushing will not end, not any more than will both ends of a
magnet simultaneously possess themselves of the same polarity.

if "the" system doesn't provide the basis for the best education you can
imagine... move on. poverty isn't so bad, trust me, it's my new goal. move
into a system that fits. move out of a system that crushes. these
"movements" are ethics, personal choices. choose for yourself. tell, share
what works. in time perhaps "the system" will steal the idea from you.

while we complain, children are being crushed perhaps?