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Re: Elem Arts Center

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Ken Rohrer (kenroar)
Wed, 10 Apr 1996 18:44:04 -0600

>Arts Teachers and Administrators
>We are in the early planning stages for an Arts (Visual, Music, Drama)
>Center for our K-4 program. We want to collaborate with teachers to
>integrate with classroom curriculum when possible.The classrooms,workroom
>and performance space will need to serve about 500 students. What have you
>learned about designing and using an Art space? What are qualities you look
>for? Structures that create success? Thanks for your collective help!

Just a few things.........I was involved with a similar project in the 80's
where we had an almost unlimited budget. We designed two adjoinging art
rooms with a sky ceiling. The two rooms were linked via a studio upstairs.
Once completed when warm weather hit, the heat built up in the room and the
air conditioning couldn't keep up with it. They put in a huge fan in the
upstairs wall to help with the heat, but it sounded like an airline engine.
Also, occassionally the ceiling would condence and some art we had hanging
on overhead poles was ruined by the falling droplets of water.

We should have had two drains located near the pug-mill and the wheels.
Instead, we had one in the middle of the room- BIG mistake. We had a supply
room, darkroom, and office located between the rooms beneath the upstairs
art studio. That worked out fine.

My advice- don't have a sky light ceiling with glass or window panes. Even
if you take care of the cooling and condensating problem, you still have to
deal with the outside weather. On a cloudy, windy day, the constant change
in lighting was nerve racking.

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