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Re:[teacherartexchange] teacherartexchange digest: April 02, 2011


From: Ann Parker (artfulann_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Apr 03 2011 - 13:51:58 PDT

What a big topic. And so needed. I teach in an inner city middle school where art is considered a "second class citizen". All the "core content" areas regularly meet and have meaningful discipline discussions. But electives aren't included regularly.

What I generally think however when I encounter a discipline situation is that:
1. I'm probably not the only teacher experiencing problems
2. How to get included in the discussion of these problems

So I am proactive in that I email the other teachers that I am having problems and are they? Generally I get a response and I move forward with the joint discussion.

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> Saturday, April 02, 2011.
> 1. How to display/protect really big charcoal drawing?
> 2. Coping with Behaviors
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> Subject: How to display/protect really big charcoal
> drawing?
> From: Jerry Vilenski <>
> Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2011 06:53:25 -0700 (PDT)
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> Whatever you decide to do with the coverings, be aware that
> any medium like
> charcoal or pastel will lift off the surface of the paper
> when it comes in
> contact with plexiglass or any plastic film.  Plastics
> have a lot of static
> electricity in them, so unless the charcoal drawings are
> treated with a
> permanent fixative, you will have a mess on your hands and
> likely ruin the
> artwork.  You might try first fixing the drawing, then
> backing the work with a
> stiff surface such as 1/4 inch primed masonite or MDF
> (medium density
> fiberboard).  You could actually display the work like
> that without further
> coverings. If you desire a more permanent display, then
> consider building a
> frame of wood with a channel that would allow the work to
> float so it could
> remain untouched by the plastic covering.  I like the
> idea by one of the posters
> of the insulation film--that could be stretched over the
> frame.  I would also
> check with a local college or university art department,
> because they are likely
> to have encountered dealing with large works of art and
> have some expertise in
> display systems.
> Jerry
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> Subject: Coping with Behaviors
> From:
> Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2011 16:40:21 -0500
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> I feel abit desperate writing this, so I apologize, but I
> could use some
> of the wisdom if not resource people on this list. Please,
> write to me off
> list as this is not directly art related, unless you want
> to share with
> the list.
> I have 3 chronic behavior students in my elementary grade 6
> class. I've
> tried regular classroom behavior strategies and what may
> seem this late in
> the year Admin suggested a behavior plan for 1 student.
> Just recently, I
> have begun working on planning an Individual Behavior plan
> for the other
> two students.
> Admin has been bouncing these kids, especially 2, back to
> me, and I've
> recently realized that I've missed the obvious, and not
> being guided by
> Admin, to putting together a plan for these students.
> Instead, Admin
> recently suggested that they will set up some PD classes or
> that I take a
> classroom management course in the summer! I feel targeted
> in away, but
> working through those feelings. At the beginning of the
> year I was made to
> feel it was my fault, my lack of classroom management
> skills, for sending
> these kids to the office so much. Now, the kids have been
> identified with
> chronic behaviors, pre-existing.
> Through this process, I have come to believe that no one
> has taken action
> before this. Yet, I am still being told that it is what I
> lack, not what I
> have brought to this. And, yes I do believe there is room
> for improvement
> in my skills. I am a mature new teacher, and at this school
> we were not
> asked for classroom discipline plans, and the discipline
> chart for the
> school is pretty basic stuff.
> We have limited resources here in this remote community,
> but not alot is
> needed and I do have plans that I am beginning to put
> together.. whether
> they will work out with these students.. well that's up to
> us all..
> My question is, have any of you gone through anything
> similar and how did
> it go, in the end?
> My V.P. hasn't initiated Behavioral Assessment seperate
> from an I.E.P., is
> that typically initiated by the Teacher? Teacher's do not
> talk amongst
> each other here, so I do feel somewhat alone in this
> matter.
> Your help would be appreciated.
> Lesa
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