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Re: [teacherartexchange] Prepping for next year


From: M. Austin (whest177_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Apr 22 2006 - 07:26:21 PDT

I had to make a request for students to pay art fees through my
administrator, who then got approval through the school board. So know your
district policy before you go charging fees - you may find yourself in
serious trouble if this is against policy. What I do with my middle
school/high school students - I have adjustable shelves along one wall in my
room. I have each student bring in a shoe box and they keep all supplies in
there, stacked neatly on the shelves. It really doesn't take that much room,
and they keep their area neater, AND supplies don't generally get stolen
with the boxes. I tell them day one that if they want decent scissors they
need to bring their own - I supply CHEAP little metal scissors (these have
lasted over 5 years, as opposed to the better scissors that tend to walk out
the door). I supply students with a paint palette, lid, and two
paintbrushes. They must pay $5 to replace these if they lose them or if they
leave them in the sink and I have to clean them up. Supplies that need
monitored such as X-acto knives - I have a wooden board that I drilled holes
in. I stand the knives in these, and students use as they need. I just don't
let anyone leave the class if there are any empty holes in the board - no
exceptions. I do have a supply list, such as markers, colored pencils,
sharpies - those consumable items that get used up quickly. Larger items,
such as paint and clay I order in large quantities and students use as they
need. I show them how to mix their colors (emphasizing that you put darker
colors into lighter colors to make colors such as pink) and that if they
waste my supplies then they will not get to use them and will have to supply
their own.

As for ordering supplies - my district requires that all supplies be ordered
by the first week of February. This lets them use up any left over money
from this fiscal year. I already have most of next years supplies put away.
My budget is a "use it or lose it" type of deal - what I ordered is all I
get. They will let me order if I run out IF there is money in their general
account, but it's never a sure thing. (And no, there isn't money "stashed"
away - I'm on the negotiating team, so I've looked over the budget and there
really isn't extra money lying around). Art fees must be used exclusively
for consumables - paint, clay, pencils, etc. I cannot use this money for a
book, video, software, etc. All fees are paid to the secretary, and I have
to fill out purchase orders to spend it. She sends out notices to parents
mid-semester. Students can not "check-out" at the end of the school year
until all fees are paid for. We can not legally force them to pay, and
cannot hold their grade card, but most parents pay the fee.
K-12 Kansas Art Teacher

> I do have a question about supplies. This year I started off by simply
> providing the supplies to all students. Of course that didn't work for
> long, so
> the second half of the year I asked the middle school students to bring in
> supplies. That didn't work either. I have heard that they might allow
> students to
> pick two electives next year, which will be much better. I'm thinking of
> making them pay an art fee. How do you handle supplies? Do they pay a
> fee at
> the beginning of the year? Do you order the supplies before or after the
> fee
> has been paid? What supplies does each kid get? How do you make sure
> they pay?
> Do you keep the supplies in the room somehow?

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