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From: Sara (sarawren_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Apr 20 2004 - 23:01:04 PDT

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The book states you may copy its surveys and lists. Real neat!


Here are 3 items of interest.


The Survey Says...

When we asked teenagers to describe The Rude Things Teachers Do to Students
here is wht they said..

Top Ten
1. Make fun of us in front of the whole class.
2. Deliberately ignore us.
3. Give us too much work.

4. Punish the whole class for something one person did.

5. Call on us when they know we don't have the answer.

6. Say sarcastic things.

7. Talk down to us.

8. Accuse us of doing things based on suspicion, not facts.

9. Not listen to our side of the story.

10. Play favorites.

The Thirty Commandments of Classroom Etiquette for Students


Listen to thy teacher
Think before speaking
Clean up after thyself
Come to class prepared
Raise thy hand to be called upon
Be respectful of other people's idea
Compliment each other
Remove thy hat in class
Address thy classmates and teachers with kindness and respect
Keep thy hands and feet to thyself
Say "Please", "Thank you" and "I'm sorry"
Find another response for displeasure besides anger
Work diligently in class, even if thou must pretend to be interested in a
subject or assignment
Talk directly to the person with whom thou hast a conflict, rather than to
everyone else
Remember that teachers have feeling, too


Bully others
Be physically or verbally aggressive
Sexually harass others
Ignore a reasonable request
Talk when a teacher or classmate is talking
Take another's property without permission
Backbite or spread rumors
Put people down to look cool
Interfere with each other's learning
Act bored or fall asleep in class
Make hurtful comments about another person's looks,
abilities, background, family, ethnic heritage, or sexual orientation
Pressure others into doing things that are mean, harmful, or illegal
Have an attitude
Belch or pass gas on purpose
Cause the chalk to squeak

The Thirty Commandments of Classroom Etiquette for Teachers

 Treat all students with patience and respect
Listen to thy students
Avoid sarcasm
Encourage students to ask questions when they don't understand
Take the time to explain things
Keep thy personal likes and dislikes from affecting student-teacher
Empathize with the pains and pressures of adolescence
Treat students as individuals
Expect the best, not the worst, from students
Model tolerance and compassion
Allow students to go to the bathroom
Reward responsibility with extra privileges
Treat boys and girls equally
Make corny jokes at thine own risk
Use breath mints


Ignore students
Talk down to
Accuse students based only on suspicions
Punish the whole class because of one person
Call on students just to embarrass them
Make fun of students in front on the whole class
Prejudice other teachers' opinions of a student
Invade a student's privacy
Play favorites
Keep students after class just to inconvenience them
Take thine own personal problems out on students
Assume the worst without letting a student offer an explanation
Judge students before getting to know them
Assume that all students who pass gas are doing it on purpose