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Susan's Denver Conference Presentation - All presentations welcome!


From: Judith Decker (jdecker4art_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Apr 10 2004 - 08:29:40 PDT

Dear ArtsEdNetters,

I have asked Susan for any all materials she can send
to me...Hopefully she can send most of it
electronically. What she can't I will scan in (when I
get my scanner working again-- I just have a minor
glitch now). Once I get all of the NAEA presentation
info I will drop everything and get that all online

I know Susan would gladly send everything to you...but
let us do this the easy way. Pretty please. Trust me -
keeping track of snail addresses and sending out stuff
all over the country is not a good idea. How do I
know? I did it one year and spent big bucks on copying
and postage and just ended up sending to five people!
I gave each one of them the responsibility to send to
five people....and I never did get it off to my best
friends in Ohio (long story - but I intended to hand
deliver those - darling Ann and Sandy) Nor did I ever
get it off to Canada (my apologies again). I have
since recycled those - sorry.....So...

Now to all presenting - just send to my Road Runner
address please and put my name in the subject lines
along with NAEA materials.

Now a mini vent...I don't know what it is with some
people....but we have list members who gladly send
things via snail mail at their expense - and some list
members never bother to say "thank you" - or show any
kind of gratitude...Why is that? Why do you think
Getty list owes you? If you see yourself here...Think
about who may have sent you things...Go to the
archives before those email addresses are gone...Do a
sort by author and find the addresses...and send a BIG
thank you...and an apology. Everyone knows your excuse
already. You were too busy and we all understand that.

Now to all of you who have gone out of your way...
THANK YOU from me for all who have forgotten to show
their appreciation. I do what I do for all of you
because some don't do enough (big grin). My subscribe
email didn't work for a I will take
advantage of it now.

Now a personal THANK YOU to Bunki and they
both took me under their wings when I first joined.
Bunki sent me stuff I didn't even ask for smile (but I
used in my class - and it was a huge success) -- and
she saved one of my projects one year by selling me
some of her markers....Maggie helped me with my
weaving project tremendously as I didn't have time to
make my own diagrams....I still have her Illumination
handout to scan (minus alphabet)...I did offer to send
it all to two different list members - but neither one
of them really needed it so I still have it to share
with the world. I will do it Maggie.

To all attending NAEA - please only post your positve
experiences - Save your negative experience to tell
friends off list. If anyone gives a presentation and
it doesn't go well...I doubt they want the world to
know if wasn't successful. Give them a chance to
improve on their own...Just my humble opinion....But
negative comments ruined my desire to even try to
present my topics (I was just too nervious after
that). Fortunately Larry Prescott is working on them
for his state conference. I will help him get it to
the National Conference if he wants my help. He has
"tougher skin" right now than I had at the time I was
planning mine.

Cheers! Enjoy the experience! Everyone share back with
the list.

Judy Decker

--- wrote:
> My presentation "Peace by Piece; a Japan Connection"
> will be on Monday, April
> 19th at 4:00-5:00. I visualize speaking to an empty
> room, as I have a
> feeling most leave for home by that time. But, if
> you're still around, please join
> me.


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