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RE: your helps needed


From: Kimberly Herbert (kherbert_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Apr 25 2003 - 16:43:17 PDT

THIS IS AN URBAN LEGEND/ HOAX sorry for shouting but I keep getting this
on several different teacher listservs. See or Please check or before sending
out warnings.

"At times you may end up far away from home. You may not be sure of
where you belong anymore. Home is always there. It's wherever your
passion takes you" Sheridan to David Babylon 5 "Objects at Rest"

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From: j mckean []
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2003 11:20 AM
To: ArtsEdNet Talk
Subject: your helps needed

The current Administration is looking to get rid of NPR, the National
Endowments and PBS. Please read and forward to your e-mail rolodex. Even

if you disagree with the politics - a voice for both sides must exist
the arts survive.

On NPR's Morning Edition, Nina Totenberg said if the Supreme Court
Congress, it is in effect the end of the National Public Radio (NPR),
the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). PBS, NPR and the arts

are facing major cutbacks in funding.

In spite of the efforts to reduce costs and streamline services,
officials believe that the funding currently going to these programs is
large for something which is seen as not worthwhile. The

only way that our representatives can be aware of the base of support
PBS and funding for such programs is by making our voices heard. Please
your name to this petition and forward it to friends who believe in what

this stands for. This is for anyone who thinks NPR/PBS is a worthwhile
expenditure of $1.12/year of their taxes. This petition is being passed
around the Internet and will be forwarded to the President and the Vice
President of the United States. Please add your name to it so funding
can be
maintained for NPR, PBS, & the NEA.

If you prefer not to sign, please don't kill it. Send it to the Email
address listed here:

NOTE: It is preferable that you SELECT the entirety of this letter, then

COPY it into a new outgoing message, rather than simply forwarding it.
your new outgoing message, add your name to the bottom

of the list, then send it on.

If you happen to be the 150th, 200th, 250th, etc., signer of this
please forward a copy to: This way we can
track of the lists and organize them.

   1050) Herman Bieber, Kenilworth, NJ 07033

   1051) Jennifer Gaden, Charlottesville, VA 22901

   1052) Jill T. Payne, Charlottesville VA 22901

   1053) Charles B.Payne, Jr.,Dayton, OH 45327

   1054) Beth A. Payne,Dayton, OH 45327

   1055) Ann Pinetree, Kerrville TX78028

   1056) Joe Lam, Hunt, Tx 78024

   1057) Pete Cronquist, Channelvie w, Tx 77530

   1058) Terry Wells, Huntsville, TX

   1059) Julie Strong, Austin, TX, 78751

   1060) Stuart Strong, Austin, TX, 78751

   1061) Jane Stevenson, Phoenix, AZ 85028

   1062) Judy Rossetter, North Platte, NE 69101

   1063) Wanda Tuenge, North Platte, NE 69101

   1064) Lisa Famiglietti, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

   1065) Jack Gubanc, Oakton, VA 22124

   1066) James Talley, Nashville, TN 37212

   1067 Alan Rhody, Nashvill! e, TN 37212

   1068 Bob Goldstone, Pegram TN 37143

   1069) Jordan Chassan, Nashville, TN 37216

   1070) Billy Block, Nashville, TN 37204

   1071) Mike Gormley, Los Angeles, Ca.

   1072) Howard Thompson, NY, NY.

   1073) David Thorpe, NY, NY

   1074) Michelle Ishay NY, NY

   1075) Zoe Reiter, NY, NY

   1076) Jasmine Kosovic, Venice, CA

   1077) Cecily Rhett, Los Angeles, CA

   1078) Cameron &Valerie Young, Foothill Ranch, CA

   1079) Victoria Wisdom, LA CA

   1080) Donna Dickman, New York, NY

   1081) Sophie Gluck, New York, NY

   1082) Susan Wrubel, New York, NY

   1083) Rebeca Conget, New York, NY

   1084) Lisa Craig, Cleveland, OH

   1085) Linda Socha, Cleveland, OH

   1086) Janet Hoy, Cleveland, OH

   1087) Leslie Eppler, Lakewood, Ohio

   1088) Scott Rosenstein, Cleveland, OH 44109

   1089) Patti Verde, Westlake, OH

   1090) Sally Wile, Shaker Heights, OH

   1091) Jim Antal! , Shaker Heights, OH

   1092) June Antoine, Shaker Heights, OH

   1093) Hayes Slade, NY, NY

   1094) Luchy Edwards, NY, NY

   1095) Debra Ortega, NY, NY

   1096) Javier Ortega, NY, NY

   1097) Leticia Ortega

   1098) Dionsio Cortes

   1099) Regina Silvers, NY NY

   1100) Pamela Casper, NY NY

   1101) Michael Claggett, Bridgehampton, NY

   1102) John van Duyl, Kensington, CA

   1103) Lathrop Douglass, Seattle, WA

   1104)Anne Forestieri, Seattle, WA

   1106} Christopher Beach, Warner Robins, GA

   1107) Gordon Brisker, Cincinnati, Ohio

   1108) Kate Smith, Chicago, IL

   1109) Douglas Lawrence, Albuquerque, NM

   1110) Andrew Bernard, New York, NY

   1111) Bruno de Almeida, New York, NY

   1112) Sharon Lynch, New York, NY

   1113)Karliin Mann, NYC

   1114) Debra Bergman, New York, NY

   1115) Amira Pierce, Brooklyn, NY

   1116) Emma Stratton, Brooklyn, NY

   1117) Andrew Stein, Jersey City, NJ

   1118) Julie Chang, New York, NY

   1119) Jonah Goger, Bklyn, NY

   1120) Chandler Vinton, Brooklyn, NY

   1121) Denise Lute, New York, NY

   1122) Dan Diggles, New York, NY

   1123) Perry Carrison, Washington, DC

   1124) A. B. Afkhami, NYC

   1125) G. R. Afkhami, Chevy Chase, MD

   1126) Jamshid Gharajedaghi PA

   1127) Jeyran Gharajedaghi, NYC

   1128) Morid Kamshad, New York, NY

   1129) Sarah Dyer, Hoboken, NJ

   1130) Barbara Solit, NY, NY

1131) Sarah Levy, Atlanta, GA

1132) Bennett Robinson, New York, NY

1134] Ralph Perlberger

1135) Judy Israel, Venice, CA

1136) Beth Meltzer, CA

1137) MeraLee Goldman, CA

1138) James S. Grotstein, CA

1139) Rheta G. Keylor, MA

1140) Christine H. Rossell, MA

1141) Maureen Giovannini, MA

1142) Patricia FitzGerald, MA

1143) Judith L. Turnock, NYC

1144) Gail W. Bejarano, VA

1145) Harriet Kabel, Reston, VA

1146) Bette Steinmuller

1147) Melanie Joy, MA

1148) Laura McKean, Atlanta, GA

1149) Jim McKean, Atlanta, GA

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