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RE: adding authorizations to an art credential


From: Alix Peshette (apeshet_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed Apr 23 2003 - 20:24:06 PDT

Hi Bunki,
I took the multiple subjects test which includes 6th grade math and managed
to pass. Now, not by much, but again, no one asks. Since I am renowned at
my school for being math-impaired, I still think it wasn't that hard.

 When I prepared for the CBEST lo those long years ago, I used a 5th grade
remedial math book to study up for the test. I took all the sample tests,
discovered that I had last studied math before the invention of the zero ;-0
and needed to learn everything again! If one is going for the multiple
subjects credential, I highly recommend getting an elementary math book and
boning up on the stuff. It does add to confidence.

However, it makes more sense to get a secondary authorization in something
(I got social studies) so that one can stay in their school, teach with the
new authorization and still teach art. In that case, college classes might
be the only way to do it.


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>Go back to school, and get a multiplesubjects attachment to your
Kathy Tickner

>From: "Alix Peshette" <>
> We have talked about this problem before. I want to mention again, that
> least in California, if you have one credential already, you can add an
> authorization in another subject by taking the state test. I advise this
> over going back to college....I found that the tests weren't
> that hard, if you had been alive for the last 20 years and maybe had read
> the newspaper. ;-) > -Alix E. Peshette

Sorry, Alix. I'd have to disagree. I heard the tests weren't that
EASY...especially in I opted to go back to college. Had to anyway
to teach in CA as they required a 5th year of study and I had moved from
another state. Since I had to get some extra units, I opted to get a second
credential and chose math as that seemed at the time to be the most needed
subject for teachers. Otherwise I wouldn't have been caught dead taking
college math!! get a second credential you had to take 20 lower
division units or 10 upper division units (which I did) and as long as you
are taking 6 units a semester, you can get an emergency credential to teach
in that area. During one semester I was actually learning the same math as I
was teaching which was a kick and a half.

But....I still agree with Alix and Kathy...if you're in CA and teaching art,
be prepared to start thinking about getting a supplemental credential. There
just aren't that many art jobs available in CA especially with the great
lack of elem. art teachers in many districts. I have a friend who is really
smart. She got the units but hasn't gotten the written credential yet. Her
principal doesn't know this so she can only be placed in her single subject.
When...or if...she gets bumped, she can whip out those units and get her
supplemental papers.

In any case, it's worth seriously thinking about...especially nowadays.