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Re: van gogh/and... marcel duchamp


From: ::MAK:: MaryAnn Kohl (mak_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed Apr 23 2003 - 19:08:16 PDT

Check my website for ideas for art with kids age 4-12 based on the "great
masters." click on the "fun activities" button, and then choose
"Discovering Great Artists", or go to:

Right now there is a Giotto activity. It will change again in May.
Also, check "past activities" for other free ideas.

Below, I am giving you another 'free' project from the book, Discovering
Great Artists" -- all the kids seem to like this one, no matter what age
they are -- it's a pretty "light" project::::::
        a bit of history, followed by the rest....

Duchamp 1887-1968

Duchamp (DOO-SHAMP) was an inventive, playful artist who believed in ³happy
accidents² in his work.

Marcel Duchamp
    Marcel Duchamp was a French painter and the leader of a group of
painters who called themselves Dadaists. Dadaists were known as brilliant
innovators and free-thinkers. They used the term Dada to describe their
group, which is the nonsense baby talk word for ³hobby horse² in French, a
word like ³goo-goo² in English. The word, dada, expressed that their art was
absurd and they hoped to shock the art community. All of the Dada group
enjoyed trying new, wacky, or unusual ideas that had not be tried before.
    As Duchamp became a well-known artist, he moved to the United States to
show his works. Duchamp was an inventive, playful artist who believed in
³happy accidents² in the Dadaist style of art. One of his favorite art
techniques was to drop pieces of string on a sheet of paper and then record
their curves and designs in various artistic ways and art mediums.
    In this rendition of Duchamp¹s ³happy accident², young artists soak
string in paint and then drop the string on a large sheet of paper,
automatically recording the design in the Dada style.

Happy Accident String Drop

€ pieces of yarn or string about 6²-12² in length
€ dishes of tempera paint
€ covered work area
€ large sheet of paper taped to the floor
€ tweezers, optional

1. Cut pieces or string or yarn into any variety of lengths, not
exceeding 12².
2. Fill a shallow dish or container with tempera paint, one container for
each color.
3. Drape a string into each dish, leaving the end hanging over the edge
of the dish as a finger-hold. The rest of the string should be covered and
soaking in paint.
4. Place a large sheet of paper on the floor. Tape the corners so the
paper stays in place.
5. Pull a strand of string from one of the dishes, wringing out some of
the paint against the lip of the dish while pulling.
6. Stand on the floor with the string dangling above the paper on the
floor and drop the string, allowing the string to loop or curve naturally in
any design as it lands on the paper. For an extra bright design, pat the
string with a hand or a paintbrush to force more paint from the string onto
the paper.
7. Remove the string with tweezers or fingers. Replace the string in the
dish of paint.
8. Continue dropping pieces of paint-soaked string in any variety of
colors on the paper, making natural designs. When satisfied with the
complete design, remove the paper to a drying area. Dry for several hours.

Hope you enjoy yourselves!

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