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' meet the artist'


Date: Tue Apr 22 2003 - 08:17:33 PDT


I've been given an excellent opportunity but a rather short time frame to
do it in so I'm seeking some help (a genuine plea!). The folks from Apple
have offered to come in with a pile of laptops, digital cameras etc. and
spend a day so students can do a project. They pointed me to their website
to get ideas and one of the ideas is semi similar to something I've died
to try before, but didn't have the technology. Anyway, an example of the
project is at:

What I need to know is whether anyone has done something similar to this
before. I have an extremely tight time frame to take advantage of here
(hence my asking the list rather than working through this myself) and so
the more I can focus students and prepare them *prior* to the day in
question the better. So, here's what I really need to know:

1. does anyone have a list of 20 or so artists who would lend themselves
well to such a project in a grade seven context?

2. can anyone guide me in terms of what the students should focus on as
they research their artists (I have a class which is not very intuitive
when it comes to independent research)

3. The idea is that they'll do the research,then create one or two pieces
in the style of the artist ... they'll present it as a sort of
mini-documentary (see the website for the final product). Any other
suggestions for what can be incorporated into this will be very welcome.

I normally wouldn't ask something like this 'cold' but like I mentioned,
it's an opportunity which suddenly came up. What's even better is that the
apple rep is a parent at our school and if this is successful, we'll
probably get to do this every year for at least six more. It's also the
sort of thing which attracts superintendents etc. so I'm under a lot of
(not stated) pressure to make it work [I just wish I had been told of it
earlier in the year].