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Date: Mon Apr 14 2003 - 06:55:15 PDT

Greetings to all of you I met at Nationals, I would loved to have had more time to get to talk to each of you.
I believe it was Judy Decker who asked that if we went to NAEA to post what sessions we went to. Below are some of my highlights

The lovely ladies of Puerto Rico, Socorrito Diaz, and Yanira Riutort presented Traditional Masks of Puerto Rico and Architecture, A Closer View To Our Space. Wonderful insight to a culture I know little about and some great projects. The mask session centered on the Vejigantes mask and how the various towns each have a special traditional color, costume and mask design, and more important to me the story behind the festival. In their wonderful handout is a lesson on the Mask of Ponce.

My favorite was the Connections: Art and Writing session by Gina Tolstedt and Joyce Schwartze of Omaha NE . The session showed how they use 6+1 writing skills in writing and rewrote them for art, for example Organization in Writing is the internal structure of a piece of writing, establishing a pattern of organizational structure, etc. Organization in art is your composition and how you organize the principles and elements of design. They showed an activity where the students looked at Tornado over Kansas by John Stewart Curry and discussed it's narrative qualities and filled in an art story map that took them through the process of art criticism. They explored the Six-Trait organization, voice and word choice. They wrote a story about what was happening in the scene from the perspective of one of the characters in the painting. They wrote what happened before, during and after the scene in the painting. Last they did a painting of the same scene but from the characters perspective. Awesome stuff.

Embossing Using Multiple Levels by Ken Swab was super. Ken I can't wait to try it. I've never embossed and he made it real easy to understand the levels.

Building With Wire by Davis Publications, pulled from one of their texts books, was fun and gave me a closer look at Calder and what you can do with wire. Wire was the big thing this year. I ran into it several times. I also went to the Wire Weave workshop by JoAnn Gross, it was not my cup of tea, I was cut up and had a rash at the end of the evening, but it did give me some ideas.

Of course I went to Oodles of Ideas by Carolyn and Bunki and got a CD. It is a must buy.

One of the most interesting but frustrating sessions was one on Illusionary Printmaking, where you produce 2 prints of the same image and stack them on top of each other. The top one is about 2" above the first and off set by 30% and printed on transparent material. It was cool but no hand outs and the presenter was having trouble communicating her directions and let the crowd take over .
Happy Easter Week
Renee Berg
6th,7th Art and 8th grade Art Tech
Mitchell Public Schools
Mitchell, SD