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RE: No child left behind


Date: Wed Apr 09 2003 - 14:26:08 PDT


Renee Berg
6th,7th Art and 8th grade Art Tech
Mitchell Public Schools
Mitchell, SD

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Jessie Starman wrote:


1. How many art classes do you teach? 3 each day

2. How much time do you spend with each class? 90 min. .

3. How much planning time do you have per week? 450 min.

 4. If you have been at your school for multiple
years, has this schedule changed (for reasons other
than a growing poplutaion)?
 My schedule has changed more times then I can count. The # of students per grade has gone down over the last 5 years, so they eliminate the low man on the totem pole and then make the rest of us cover more grades or buildings. When we went to block scheduling at the middle school, I went from teaching 6 classes a day, each being about 45min. running 9 weeks long, and one planning hour a day. Now I'm in heaven, but we are being threatened that this will now change.

5. Do you participate in any other teaching
responsibilities that are not art related (ex.
literacy, tutoring, etc. )? Please describe. [Berg, Renee] Yes, I have a homeroom class for 20min. at the end of the day. We read, do games, I look at their discipline planner and count infractions for the day, for academics or behavior. I record them and e-mail team teachers when kids have so many infractions. I also list homework from all teachers and make sure the unorganized students have what they need before going home.

If you answered yes, how much time per week do you
spend? 100 min. per week

6. Has your administration discussed the new federal
policy, NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, with your faculty?



7. Do you think this policy has or will effect your
art program? How? It will reduce our time with the students from a semester to 12 weeks.

Please feel free to make any other comments about
 If your school is cutting the arts to redirect funding to reading and math, research the importance of Arts, educate your community and school board. If you don't publicize your program, not one will do it for you.

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