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RE: artsednet safety in the art room-toxic


From: Martha Ulakovits (MSQU_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Apr 20 2002 - 15:51:27 PDT

Fumes from a kiln are not healthy. Fumes from permanent markers are toxic.
In fact, permanent markers are not allowed in the elementary school art
rooms in Florida. Other items not allowed in my county: rubber cement and
anything that is in a spray container.We are not even allowed to have hair
spray in the room! I think that is a little overboard myself. No one should
breathe most sprays but be particularly careful of spray adhesives. Most of
us that are over fifty probably worked throughout our pregnancies. We were
around many chemicals we now know are harmful-pregnant or not. Our children
somehow survived. Now looking back at those days, I wonder how, if all the
reports are true. Anyway, to address the question, there are many dangers in
the art room. As discussed a couple of weeks ago, mold can be an issue. It
grows in the clay and on some powdered tempera paints that are more than a
week old. I have also seen it on papermaking supplies that weren't
thoroughly cleaned. Dust is a big problem in a lot of art rooms because so
much is stored for so long. Photo developing supplies, some copiers... I
don't want to make it sound worse than it is. I guess the best advice is to
read all labels and to trust your nose. If it smells harsh or strong, I
would avoid it.
Martha Ulakovits

RE:My aid just found out she's pregnant, and is worried about safety issues
in the art room. I do have one child, but was still getting my degree =
when I was pregnant. Ours is a 7-12 grade classroom, but we don't tend =
to use materials I would think of as hazardous - etching acids, pickle =
fluids, glaze powders, etc. I know baking Sculpey in the toaster oven =
is not a good idea in the room, but what other precautions shoud we keep =
in mind? Am I right in thinking that temperas and acrylics are ok? =
What about fumes from permanent markers? What do you all think? What =
precautions did you take when you were teaching and pregnant? Thanks - =
we appreciate your help!!
-Lydia de Toledo