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Classroom Accessories for Barbie


From: Alix E. Peshette (apeshet_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Apr 20 2002 - 13:02:33 PDT

Art Teacher Barbie and Her Classroom: Here's the room accessories that
every art teacher Barbie needs:
  a.. coffee maker; oops I mean a cappuccino maker
  b.. small refrigerator (small enough to hide in a closet because the
district banned them as a way to save energy costs)
  c.. Microwave; (small: see above comment) because it's too far to walk to
the staff room AND eat on a 30 minute lunch.
  d.. CD-player (with rock and roll, blues, affirmations, meditation music)
  e.. A futon for quick naps on the evenings we have to stay at school for
Electives Fair, Open House, Back to School Night, Board Presentations (to
keep our program from getting cut), evening dance supervisions, etc, etc.
  f.. An alarm clock to wake us up on time from said nap.
  g.. A closet with extra nylons for those moments when we foolishly wore
nylons and they ran. (Ken, this comment doesn't include you.) Also,
aspirin, band aides, antacids, breath mints, hand lotion, spot remover, etc.
Did I leave anything out?

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      You know how they have the different versions of
      Barbie? This would be Barbie on a Cart. M-m-m-m....Ken on a Cart
      better though 'cause of the "K' sound...yeh, we'll put Ken on the

    Now wait a minute. I am Art teacher Ken and I don't want to be on a
cart. I like my classroom and it will be fine to leave it that way.

    Ken Schwab

  LOL....O.K., then, there could be two versions, Fantastic Art Teacher
Ken, done in your likeness, mustache and all, comes complete with fabulous
lesson plans and unbelievable art work from Art Student Barbie. Package of
accessories with room included. Then there could be the lower priced model,
you know the stripped (whoops, I don't really mean stripped..LOL...) down
version with the cart and little supplies.
  Susan on Long Island ---