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Re: ICE Breaker


Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 08:54:39 PDT

I went to a workshop last year that had the best activity.....I will see if I
can explain...and I do hope to do this with my students, just have not gotten
around to pulling it together.


The object of the game is to find your partner who is wearing the same color
as you...the problem don't know what your color is...and you have 10
guesses to figure it out.

Set up:

Have color names on cards with long strings. Players were the card around
their necks but the card has to hang down their pack so they can't see it.
The monitor of the game puts the cards around the players necks.

Then....players have to ask questions of other players (who can read others
cards but not their own

For example, I might go up to another player and say, is my color a food?

If the answer is yes, I might say is my color a lemon? Is my color an olive,
etc. YOu get the idea. Foradults you want the color names to be very
specific....i.e. Olive, Lemon, Cornflower, Sage, Sepia, etc. For young
children you might want the colors to be like, Lemon Yellow, Macaroni and
Cheese, Granny Smith Apple, timberwolf gray, etc.

When you have figured out what your color is then you find your
partner......and you can tell your partner that you are partners and then
when everyone is matched up...that is the end of the game.

At the workshop I went to, the person running the class had gotten the color
names from the J.C. Catalog.

The exercise is not really an art lesson, it is more an excercise is the
specifics of language. For instance, green is not just green, green is grass
green, olive green, sage, sea green, pea green, etc.

Hope this makes sense.....OH..and the last have to limit it to 10
questions. For children you might say they get 20 questions. Again, this
forces them to be specific with their language and think about which kinds of
questions will give them the most information.

After everyone got their color, they sat down for a minute and wrote out
their questions....

Last but not least.....the more people you have, the more fun!
Good Luck!