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Re: $ucessful fundraiser & Legality of showing famous art on an LCD ?


From: Matt or Gina Booth (ginab_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Apr 16 2002 - 03:33:39 PDT

I have only seen an LCD projector once, about a week ago, at a betterfunded
school. It was great. Kids were doing expressive writing about an art photo
of a boat with the moon. Boy, was that amazing. At our school besides no
LCD, the kids are sure computers are only for grammar and math drills

Anyway, since I am totally LCD illiterate, just WHAT DO YOU MEAN that the
person who wants to buy prints should SAVE HER MONEY and not do that. You
said something about them doing it on their LCD. What do you mean? Do you
mean to pull up the pics on various websites and save them or something like
that? I don't get it. And besides, with all the various infractions of
computer software copyrights, wouldn't that technically be illegal, to
abscond with a computer stored image of Van Gogh's sunflowers?

Oh, yes, I know you are thinking I am being too picky here, but our local
cooperative sold some old computers with Windows still on it and the school
that received them (although the co-op sold it to them) got sued for
of dollars by Microsoft for accepting the computers and using the Windows
was still on it ! Can you belive that? I read it in the newspaper.

Also, I have no clip art on my computer at school. Aside from budgetary
I decided to buy a $10 diskette from Radio Shack of clip art but the
supervisor, refuses to let me load them on the school computer because
1. We have no LICENSE for it ! 2. I did not requisition it. (She wouldn't
accept it as a donation from me. She is really uptight on all this
copyright stuff - and I guess I don't blame her.

1. What did the respondant mean when she told the person who got the $1,000
from her successful Squart One fundraister to not buy artprints buy to "use
the LCD instead" if they had access to one.

2. Is having art prints stored on your computer and shown on an LCD (or
computer- say as a screensaver) technically legal?

p.s. Videos - Our librarian, once again with good cause, is also absolutely
paranoid on us using
any video tape we have taped off of TV unless we can prove it has been
taped less than 6 months
ago, and must be erased after the legal six months is up. She says several
schools in the state are checked on a random basis each year and the
violations are enormous if you are discovered.
Give me a break ! If it's your personally purchased tape and you taped it at
home, and show it at school for the education of kids, well........ I guess
I can see the point of the rights of the owners of these TV shows, but
gee...... I just don't get it ! What to do? What to do?