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re: in answer to Intinerant art teacher survey


Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 03:58:11 PDT

 In response to the query for itinerant art teachers.
Main Entry: itin·er·ant
Pronunciation: -r&nt
Function: adjective
Etymology: Late Latin itinerant-, itinerans, present participle of itinerari
to journey, from Latin itiner-, iter journey, way; akin to Hittite itar way,
Latin ire to go
Date: circa 1576
: traveling from place to place; especially : covering a circuit <itinerant

That word just rubs me the wrong way.
( the "Queen of Art" title sounds sooooo much better ;)
I do travel between two schools, in my case within a mile of each other.
I teach at two public elementary schools, in a district with 9 elementaries,
3 middles, and 1 high school. (Suburban Pennsylvania).(one teacher does three
school , just two classes of a single grade at the 3rd school to make
schedules more equitable)
I instruct over 600 children a week grades 1-5, and LOVE my job. When I
started I was on a cart at one school for over two years, we also had 6th
grade in elementary at that time. (now they are in middle school )
 Each year things change, I go between having my own room and sharing with
the music teacher, depending on the number of classrooms assigned to grade
level teachers each year. ( this number goes up and down depending on
enrollment in each grade.)
This is my ninth year in this position, I teach Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
am at one school, then travel and teach Wednesday afternoon , Thursday, and
Friday at the second school. (Monday's classes always get shorted each year
due to the Monday holidays !!)
Dealing with two faculties and two bosses, who do things very
differently,(sometimes polar oppositely !!!!!!) can be trying but there are
good points to being able to positively influence that many students !!! If
you do your budget carefully you can end up with twice the amount of
reference materials and non-disposable items, that you can transfer form
school to school when the need arises.

Hope this helps, LOVE this listserv !!!
Christine Besack :)