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Re: websites

From: Melissa Enderle (melissae)
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 18:13:18 PDT

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    >Dear artswebsite sharers,
    >You are all doing a fantastic job. I'm totally frustrated and need help,
    >with mine, however. I worked hours, I means hundreds of hours getting
    >pictures and setting one up in composer. But when I went to the "webmaster"
    >with my info he said it all had to go on a disc into his laptop and somehow
    >he has a software program to upload on to the school server. Well it didn't
    >work and all my pictures disappeared. We reloaded and retransferred and it
    >still isn't working.
    >So, I asked our MS lab teacher to help. His solution was to use
    > Well I can't seem to get into the "webcreate" part of
    >the site. The website did not give me that option. I spent another 4 hours
    >today going in circles. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEase can anyone out there suggest a
    >straightforward approach to making galleries or am I just going to have to
    >accept my fate and go to the graveyard of webfailures.
    >ann carolan

    I am in the touch-up stages of my first website. So, perhaps my
    learned experiences will be of help, maybe not.
    Are you using a Mac or IBM? What I did (on a Mac) was use the free
    program Fetch to upload the site pages and images to the FTP site of
    our district. When you begin your site, make a folder for all your
    pages and end all with .html
    Likewise, make a folder for all graphics and store them there, ending
    all with .gif, .jpeg, etc. Your main page - index.html should be
    outside of both folders.
    I used Adobe Cyberstudio. It does an excellent job checking and
    updating links, etc. It also has a built-in ftp connector. At my
    school, the iMacs purchased this school year had PageMill right with
    it. Not a bad program either.
    If you're looking for a good HTML book (it is good to learn HTML or
    at least have it as a resource to check the correct code or override
    WSIWIG editors) get the Visual Quickstart Guide HTML for the World
    Wide Web.

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