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re...Ann Carolan's website....

From: Bunki Kramer (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 18:02:46 PDT

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    from: Bunki Kramer (
    Los Cerros Middle School
    968 Blemer Road
    Danville, CA 94526
    > Bunki,
    > What do you use to compose your pages?
    > What do you think is the best way to do it. From scratch on composer, or
    > using a site like myschoolonline?
    > Anyone know of other good website builders?
    > ann carolan

    Hi, Ann. I'm sorry but I feel totally helpless in giving you some direction
    other than simple stuff. I did mine with the help of a somewhat tech person
    (she's our tech lady but she doesn't know much more than I do and that ain't
    MUCH)...we learned together...and we used HomePage 3.0 with our Macs. I
    understand that FrontPage is absolutely the best but when we bought ours, I
    didn't know that. I think FrontPage comes both for Macs and PCs.

    I bought a version for home (HomePage) so what I do is set up the diff.
    pages at home (which is really easy with this software) and transfer them to
    disk, scan pictures directly to her at school, and when I get to school, I
    download the pics, plug in my disk, put it together, and she puts it into
    our school server. I'm not allowed to do that. Only she or the libraian are
    allowed to put things up. She's a slow mover so I'm constantly getting
    frustrated with her to get things going. I can't afford to get angry with
    her so I just smile but inside she drives me nuts. Sorry. Guess I needed to
    vent, hum?

    This whole web thing can get you so confused and upset so know that you
    aren't the only one going through it. You'll get there...just find someone
    who can work with you. Two heads are better than one.

    I just figured out today that my scanner is scaning at too high a resolution
    which is why my pictures are taking a day and a half to download. I thought
    my software defaulted at 72 dpi's and discovered they were at 150 dpi's. No
    wonder!!!! Now I'm going to have to re-do all my pictures with the scanner
    again and get them changed. That's going to take me another couple of weeks
    of getting behind my tech lady and shoving her along...ugh. Just goes to
    show you...when you think you've got a handle on it, you find you're only on
    square one! Story of my life. Toodles........


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