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Re: kids are contagious!!!

From: Mark Alexander (malexander06)
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 17:41:24 PDT

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    I've been teaching only as long as Roberta, but I don't seem to get sick
    very often. I've been out due to illness maybe three days in five years. I
    wash my hands a lot, but I'm not compulsive about it. I give and get lots of
    hugs, and I shake LOTS of hands and I pat lots of heads and shoulders. I've
    found that what works best for my chapped hands is rubbing Crisco into them
    at bedtime. I do that all winter when chapping is worst.
    One principal's theory is that teachers often ignore sickness because
    ignoring it is easier than preparing sub plans. I have to admit I resemble
    First couple of years I got the flu shots, but I haven't bothered the last
    three years. Do any of you do the flu shots offered each fall?

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    >> Roberta:
    >> I am not a health professional, but we had a similar problem in the
    >> elementary where I worked for many years. Teachers were constantly sick
    >> colds and the flu. After the district nursing supervisor and our own
    >> nurse watched us for a few days, they gave a good suggestion that worked.
    >> The main thing they noticed is that we (the teachers) would grade papers
    >> then not wash out hands. They also noticed that we would sit at the
    >> children's desks or touch their desks, papers, books, pencils, etc. ...
    >> you guessed it. We didn't wash our hands. After we instituted a policy
    >> frequent hand washing with soap, many of our flu problems went away.
    >> Pam


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