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Re: Createx monotype inks

From: Bicyclken
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 16:18:25 PDT

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    In a message dated 04/27/2000 2:29:27 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
    colmans1 writes:

    > I bought the Createx monotype colors because of the good reviews I read on
    > this list. We are using them now and I just don't feel they are working
    > right.

    I have been using the Createx Monotype colors for 2 years now and they are
    great with super success. However there are some things you need to do first
    to insure your success.

    1. Get a plate of Plexiglas or masonite and masking tape a piece of vellum
    or heavy tracing paper onto it over lapping the paper by 1/4 inch or so

    2. Use a rolled up piece of felt (dauber) that is taped into a large
    cylinder. To apply a thin coat of Gum Arabic to the vellum. This will seal
    the vellum/tracing paper and the paint will stick to it nicely. Let it dry
    thoroughly before you paint.

    3. When the gum Arabic is dry apply the paint with small amounts of water or
    none at all. Use layers to build up colors. What you put on first is the
    last to come off. You can't make it too thick but experiment with different
    thickness and you will find out for yourself.

    4. Let this paint dry completely. It can be printed with in 4 hours of the
    paint drying. We have bone as long as 16 hours but it wasn't as good.
    Remove the tape and place the thin sheet of vellum onto a piece of scrap
    mattboard so that the board is slightly larger than the cut vellum. this is
    to be a hard surface to keep the pressure up on the print.

    5. If you have a press this works great. If not you must use a rolling pin or
    spoons. I like the rolling pin and half purchased 2 marble rolling pins for
    $7 each. Createx sells a good rolling pin but the best is a roll press.
    Soak your paper now, we use Arches 88, the best!!!!!!!!!!!! This absorbs the
    water immediately, we blot with newsprint twice and let set to air dry for 10

    6. Place the mattboard first, then the vellum on the board, next the paper
    over the vellum. Put a piece of newsprint over the paper to keep your
    blanket dry. Use only a moderate amount of pressure in the press and run it
    through twice. Slowly peel the vellum off the paper and wow! great colors,
    brushstrokes will appear.

    If you can't get Arches 88 then use rives bfk paper and soak for 10-12 min.
    The paper is important and the pressure, and the paper with the gum Arabic.

    We have had so much success that my A.P.'s are doing 3 to 4 a day.

    Ken Schwab
    San Jose CA


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