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Lesson Plans

Re: papermaking project

From: Amy Gardziel (algardziel)
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 20:01:37 PDT

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    I hope this will help. I just finished the recycling unit with my 2nd grade
    and they were very sucessful. Good luck!

    1. Pulling a clean sheet of paper, then adding flowers and other objects.
    Maybe making holes anf putting in things like screen scraps or netting sheer

    2. Use masking tape to tape off areas on the screen.

    3. Using cookie cutters. Place cookie cutter on top of a screen that is
    full of pulp . Remove the pulp inside the cookie cutter and fill with
    another color. or remove the area outside the cookie cutter

    4. Pulp painting Using plastic ketchup bottles to paint on the screen. Use
    popcicle sticks to manipulate colors by pushing the wet paper . To blend
    colors. have students mix up tints and shade in small bowls for thier own

    5. Dump paper. Using a ladle or large spoon dump the pulp on to the screen.

    6. Dragging. Only drag part of the screen through the vat of pulp. Outcome=
    small strips of paper can be woven carefully when wet but only after after
    they are pressed in a paper press.

    7. Using clay or plaster molds

    8.Embossing= After pulling the paper press objects into the paper. Couch as

    9.Layering= Keep couching several layers on top of each other removing areas
    (like the reverse applique of mola's )

    10.Attaching= After pulling a paper lay objects on the wet paper. Using your
    finger add a small amount of paper over parts of the objects.

    11.Paper lacing= Use a squirt bottle on the stream setting to spray the
    paper while it is still on the deckle

    12.Shaped moulds=Use the screen and deckle with a cookie cutter or
    waterproof foam core.

    13. You can make a water mark if you sew a wire design to the screen. * Or
    you can use wire in between 2 wet papers to make clean lines.

    14. Collage= Use magazines, tissue paper, fabric, or other objects . I
    like using zippers, shirt cuffs...

    15. Removing paper= Pull a paper then use your finger to remove any excess
    pulp to make a hole. Fill in the area with pulp from a squeeze bottle.( or
    you can leave some holes)

    16. Adding things to the vat= You can add seeds, flowers, and and glitter
    to the vat before you pull your paper.

    Use these techniques on their own or combine them to make fabulous paper.
    Amy Gardziel
    Hood Case Elementary
    Alvin Texas


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