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Embeddin pics--papermaking project

From: sharonbk
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 17:41:39 PDT

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    *****Tell me how you embed the photos in the paper without messing up the
    photos from the water.*******

    Most of the photographs we used were from magazines or newspapers--we didn't
    try to embed any real photographic prints, and I'm not sure what would have
    happened, given the emulsion (or whatever it's called) on the surface.

    We poured the pulp onto the screens and let most of the water drain before
    scooting the picture in. We made sure that it was resting on a (thin) layer
    of pulp, and then pulled the edges of the pulp over the sides of the
    photograph to hold it in place. After that, we treated it just as we would
    a regular sheet of handmade paper--sponged off more water and pressed it
    between towels and boards.

    Sometimes the kids stood on the boards to hurry along the process. As I was
    working with students in 5th-12th grade--all at the same time!!--board
    standing and stomping became the "job" for the younger kids who were waiting
    their turn at the blenders....

    I still need to write up the directions/lesson plans/how-to's (or at least
    how WE did this...) for my webpage. Adding new lesson plans may wind up to
    be a summer project at this point, but I have a couple of good pictures of
    some of our sheets on the page.

    One that turned out well involved using a leaf in the center of the pulp.
    After it was dry, the student asked for some gold paint and painted some
    "highlights" on the veins.

    This was a chaotic--yet fun--learning experience for all concerned
    (including me), and when a kid said "I wonder what would happen if....?" I
    told them to go for it and find out. I figured if it didn't work we'd just
    chomp the paper up in the blender again and start over!

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