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Lesson Plans

Re: Jr. High vs Middle School- what's the diff?

From: DHJones3
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 04:05:52 PDT

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    Here in NC our county returned to the high schools being 9, 10, 11, and 12
    four years ago. They spent millions of dollars to convert these schools back
    to the senior high (9-12). These schools had been 9-12 about 11 years
    before when they took the 9th grade out of senior high. To put them back,
    they gave each school a new gym....for phys. ed. and other improvements. I
    know these schools needed to be improved and I'm not complaining about that
    but when are "they" going to stop all this 'pulling and putting back' of
    these kids? It is like the curriculum, What to teach and what is the best
    way? When are "they" going to realize that it takes all different ways for
    students to learn and let the teachers get down to the business of teaching.
    I know we need new ideas but some of this is crazy. I know one of our
    schools have a principal that has the teachers in teams by grade level and
    they need to all be teaching the same thing at the same time. On paper it
    looks good but what about all the individual learner. I think, "they" are
    more concerned how it looks on paper and not what it is doing to kids. In a
    nut shell, I hate to think of our high schools going back to the 10-12 and
    how much more it will take to get these schools changed again. I'm sorry, I
    had to vent.


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