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Easter Greeting to all faiths

From: mdecker (mdecker)
Date: Sun Apr 23 2000 - 12:20:19 PDT

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    Sharon caught me....I was still home thinking....doing just a bit of
    housework. We have all said to one another how much this list has helped us.
    We are honest with one another, we are not afraid to disagree. We are
    cordial in or disagreement...and it is OK if we disagree. It is very easy to
    find someone on this list with whom you share the same philosophy. It is
    very easy to find someone on the list who has the answer to your question, a
    lesson to share, an idea. It is amazing that we have accomplished online
    what is very difficult to accomplish within our own buildings or school
    districts. I envy those of you who do not have this problem. We are
    expecting students to show respect, when sometimes we as teachers (and yes,
    administrators) are not giving fellow staff members respect...or showing
    support of their programs. Perhaps we can fault standardized testing for
    this...but that is just an excuse. Some of us may teach in a situation where
    the attitude is "Look out for yourself. No one else will". Maybe I try to
    help others, too much...but I do not want to look at that as a character
    flaw...but as a asset. I encourage all of you to share the wonderful
    experience, the caring and sharing of this list to your fellow staff
    members. I now have a few staff members in my building that are excited
    about the connections we can make and do not look at my enthusiasm as a
    threat...but as a help to their program and mine. Your kindness will grow
    and grow.

    I do believe in miracles--no matter how small. I had a very small miracle
    myself this weekend. Look for guidance in your God. Talk freely with your
    students about religion and how important religion has been and continues to
    be important in the arts. You can not separate the two. God has given us
    many ways to celebrate his kindness and good. It doesn't matter what name we
    call God. Religion is a gift that God has given to man. And God gives each
    culture a different way of celebrating. The more we share acceptance of
    religions of others the closer you will feel to your God. Even science is
    admitting that there has to be a God.

    I know some Native America cultures (and probably others, as well) take
    offense to our teaching of their beliefs. I say we need to understand them
    better. Our 'beliefs' (Christian beliefs) are part of their (Native
    American) curriculum and I am not proud of the things I have read. It is up
    to us and the children we teach to mend these differences. Let us also share
    how religions are there are certain truths...certain beliefs
    that bridge all cultures.

    While I had a very difficult time (emotionally--not worth going into here)
    in a class a took on Lakota Culture....I did take one bit of good from the
    class. The homosexuals in Lakota culture are looked upon with respect and
    honor (this is what we were please, do not tell me now if you know
    otherwise). They are the teachers. This is what I share with my students
    about the Lakota culture when I hear another student calling another "fag"
    or "queer"--whether they mean it or not.

    So let us pass our knowledge onto our peers. Let us celebrate our
    accomplishments...Let us lend a helping hand....Let us be the role models
    for our students. I am taking my own advice and will try to become a better
    role model. How can we build self-esteem in our students if we are not
    permitted to be proud of our own accomplishments?

    I know many of you will not have time to read this.....but, sometimes
    letters are meant to be written. This is my chance to have a voice.

    Best wishes,
    Judy Decker


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