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Mad (long)

From: Beth Goodwin (bgood)
Date: Sun Apr 23 2000 - 10:54:31 PDT

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    I was cleaning off my desk today, found this and thought many of you would appreciate it. It's a little pay back for all the great things I haven't gotten from so many of you. Before I got my teaching job, I did service learning and community service programs at a college and one of my friends there gave me this. I don't know if it was really written by a college student or not, but I appreciated seeing the other side.
    Jerome Stern, Florida State Univeristy

        So I don't know, I don't know what the teacher wants from us. I mean the teacher gives us these notes on Jon Milton and then he asks us if we have any questions and we can't have any questions because we don't know what to ask and so we are quiet and then he gets mad at us.
        And then he asks us if we heard of Jean Paul Sartre and Reinhold Niebuhr who we never heard of and are not on the syllabus, and then he gets mad at us for not having heard of people no one ever told us about.
        And then he says what about Crime and Punishment and War and Peace? which it turns out are books that nobody ever even mentioned in our lives, and then he gets mad at us.
        And then he gives us things to read which are very sad and confusing and then he gets mad at us because we don't like things that are sad and confusing.
        Then he says "life doesn't have hapy endings" and we say why does it have to be that way, and that's why we want to read things that have happy endings and then he gets mad at us.
        And we tell him we would do what we are supposed to, but he won't tell us what we are supposed to do.
        Think, he says, think, why don't you think. And then, when we tell him what we think is that we don't understand what he is saying, and what will be on the exam, and will we be responsible for everything in the syllabus, or just what we cover in class, then he gets mad at us, and says all we care about is grades and money.
        And then he gets sarcastic and asks us when World War II was, and then he gets unhappy because we don't know, and never heard of Mussolini or Mao or Molotov cocktails, and we don't know why we should have heard of those things so there doesn't seem to be any reason to know these things.
        And then he gets mad at us and says all we care about is ourselves and we don't even know who we are, and that is not the way it was at some time before, but what that time was is not clear.
        We do not know that time because it was a time maybe before we were born, and he seems mad at us because we were not born when he was, and did not do the things he said he did, and that it is all our fault.
        He does not like what we like and is mad at us for liking the things we do like instead of other things which no one ever told us about. And so he is almost always mad but we hope he likes us and gives us good grades.


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