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Virus? - not to worry

From: mdecker (mdecker)
Date: Sun Apr 23 2000 - 09:33:13 PDT

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    Thank you to all who are educating the list about viruses. I am overly
    paranoid about this because I share files with our school computers. If you,
    too, are concerned invest in McAfee (sp?) or Norton. We like Norton better
    at home---my school system uses McAfee. I checked with our head "tech guy"
    because he knows this is a concern of mine since I am now receiving stuff
    from all over the country. You are safe to open the document attachments we
    send to each other (if you have one of these virus check systems). Your
    system will not get the virus from the document--even if the file may
    contain the "bug". Your virus scan will isolate the infected file. Now
    before I send any file to school, I run a virus scan on my computer, just to
    be sure. Viruses most frequently come in EXE files as attachments.

    We NEVER open a file unless we have requested one to be sent. When I receive
    an unsolicited one from a list member, I let them know my policy so as not
    to offend them and ask them what they sent. I know I sent many files out to
    be people....and I know they were safe.

    We did get Pretty Park on our previous system. Our Virus scan caught it and
    isolated it. We followed the step-by-step procedure and were able to remove
    the virus entirely--no harm was done. It is now coming around again in
    various messages. One even came as a warning, believe it or not.

    My son gets mad at me....but I tell him to ask his friends what they sent
    because his mom is now the "e-mail police" at our house. His friends get all
    sorts of "cool" stuff that they just have to forward on to him...and last
    fall, Pretty Park looked to him like it was just another cool thing from his
    friends. Don't know?- I delete.

    Thanks again for bringing this topic up about viruses. All of our school
    computers check all disks that are inserted into the A drive for viruses. I
    am sure your school computers do the same.

    I am also glad that you folks no longer send attachments to the list as they
    come out as an never ending list of gobbly-goop for us digest members. know what else...there aren't as many "Me Too's" either...everyone
    is making their wishes more understandable to the list...We are all so
    great! Let's just pat ourselves on the back just one more time! I am the
    "Rah-Rah- Teacher"...Ok, and now a liar...I did listen to the list today

    Judy Decker


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