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Re: On digital Photography/ sing on

From: Sharon Henneborn (heneborn)
Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 13:21:19 PDT

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    Don't stop. The choir enjoys a solo. We can't all sing the same

    >From: "Dennis Golombek" <dennis_golombek>
    >Subject: Re: On digital Photography
    >Date: Fri, Apr 21, 2000, 9:07 PM

    > Woody,

    > as a former police photographer( yes, dead bodies, autopsies, mug shots,
     etc., etc.) I know where you are coming from.How I got into teaching
    art is
     another story but I will forever hold on to my 3 Nikon SLRs, my 4x5
     Graphic and my new Kodak DC290 digital camera that I just bought. I
     them all.

     When it comes to teaching photography in the classroom I think it
    depends on
     the level. I try and introduce itin a subtle manner. My 6th graders
    do a
     gray scale with their No. 2 pencils for me. I bring out a Kodak gray
     chart, I measure theirs against my photographic spot meter. They love
     technology and the measuring. This years when my 7th graders did our
     daguerreotypes using a digital camera and later in the darkroom we
     about various values of gray and they remembered using the meter in

    > Maybe with 8th graders I'd go into the math relationships between f-stops
    > but I think I'd use the digital camera especially since so many of them now
    > have aperture control built in along with + & - EV controls that can be
    > demoed in class immediately.

     Yes I still enjoy mixing Dektol and getting my hands in the soup but
     wonder what all those fumes and chemical absorptions have done to my
    body. I
     really enjoy Photoshop and the kids do to. They are always fascinated
     making images analog or digital. But I'll stop ...I might be
    preaching to
     the choir.

    > Dennis Golombek


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