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Lesson Plans

From Donna- Daily Sheets/Job lists

From: dj (djash)
Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 12:30:18 PDT

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     Judy wrote:
    Thank you Donna for initiating this help in something that plagues many
    of us! You have helped many!
    You are very welcome. And thanks to all of you who have written to me
    with such positive comments about the sheets. I'm glad the sheets can be
    of some service.

    I know the Jobs files does give you an option to edit..
    These were originally created in Word with imported graphics.

    but the daily grade files seem to be scanned (at least I was not able
    to edit)...So those you will need to re-create.,,,and could use a
    snail-mail version.
    No, they weren't scanned. I created the daily participation sheets in
    Corel and then copied and imported them to Word 97. (I use Windows NT
    4.0 w/service pack 5.) The imported files edited fine on my
    computer.........I made sure of that before I sent them. I checked the
    site and did a test download before I sent it too and that also worked
    great on our computers here.

    If you get "gobbly-goop" then the file is probably in a newer version
    that your software will not read.
    True, the file was made to work in later versions of windows 95,
    windows 98 and NT and windows 2000. I am sorry for the problems some of
    you are having opening the file. If anyone sends me a SASE I'll send
    them to you snail mail if that will help..... or if you have any other
    suggestions, I'm open. :-) Thanks for the interest.


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