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Trouble opening attachments - Mark - Jill anyone else?

From: mdecker (mdecker)
Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 10:30:28 PDT

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    Sorry Mark and Jill...I did not save your e-mail addresses. When I open
    attachments it is so automatic now. I slowed down today as I opened one from
    Sandra to see how I do it. If you use Outlook, click on the attachment
    file--It should open up. If you get "gobbly-goop" (I think I stole that from
    Woody :-)), then the file is probably in a newer version that your software
    will not read. Put me into your address book...I can convert the Word files
    to an earlier version and send them again. I just opened one from Sandra and
    it is in Word 95....So of course, my system had no trouble opening it. I
    never even thought to translate the files to an earlier version before
    sending them out.

    Once you go to save the file--You need to save into your documents folder(s)
    not your temp file. It took me a long time to maneuver around
    it comes so automatic. (I, too, had to have my son show me how to unzip
    Donna's files though--as that was new to me).

    If you are using Pegasus E-mail software--Go to view--then save file into
    your documents folders. If your machine will not open the file by going to
    view--then save to a floppy disk--and hope that someone in your building was
    wise enough to purchase Mac-PC conversion software--There are some good
    software options out there. We have one teacher in our building who
    purchased the software himself and has converted numerous files for all of

    SO....last call for anyone who was unable to open Donna's files? I can not
    send the Jobs file with the graphics via e-mail. It just kept going....and
    going....and going...then STOPPED (Ack!). I know the Jobs files does give
    you an option to edit...but the daily grade files seem to be scanned (at
    least I was not able to edit)...So those you will need to re-create.,,,and
    could use a snail-mail version.

    Many have found my Discipline record useful for middle school and younger.
    We do not have time to stop and observe clean-up as much as high school (one
    thing I miss about high school). I find myself digging in and helping often
    even with middle school students. I have tried many versions over the
    years...and have learned a lot from articles in Art Education (get it, if
    you do not already--you have to join National Art Education Association---it
    is well worth it!)

    Thank you Donna for initiating this help in something that plagues many of
    us! You have helped many!

    Please respond to me personally if anyone needs Donna's or my discipline
    files. It is not any trouble--I have a folder on my desktop ready to go.
    I will not be listening to the Art Talk Digest for a view days. Got to get
    ready for MY Art Show ( is NOT my art is the kids...but
    everyone else keeps calling it MY art all who have "been
    there"...Oh yes...we do all of this extra work on our own after
    day...just so we can get a pat on the back--HA! smile)

    Judy Decker


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