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Re: On digital Photography

From: Dennis Golombek (dennis_golombek)
Date: Fri Apr 21 2000 - 18:07:20 PDT

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    as a former police photographer( yes, dead bodies, autopsies, mug shots,
    etc., etc.) I know where you are coming from.How I got into teaching art is
    another story but I will forever hold on to my 3 Nikon SLRs, my 4x5 Speed
    Graphic and my new Kodak DC290 digital camera that I just bought. I love
    them all.

    When it comes to teaching photography in the classroom I think it depends on
    the level. I try and introduce itin a subtle manner. My 6th graders do a
    gray scale with their No. 2 pencils for me. I bring out a Kodak gray scale
    chart, I measure theirs against my photographic spot meter. They love the
    technology and the measuring. This years when my 7th graders did our digital
    daguerreotypes using a digital camera and later in the darkroom we talked
    about various values of gray and they remembered using the meter in 6th

    Maybe with 8th graders I'd go into the math relationships between f-stops
    but I think I'd use the digital camera especially since so many of them now
    have aperture control built in along with + & - EV controls that can be
    demoed in class immediately.

    Yes I still enjoy mixing Dektol and getting my hands in the soup but I
    wonder what all those fumes and chemical absorptions have done to my body. I
    really enjoy Photoshop and the kids do to. They are always fascinated with
    making images analog or digital. But I'll stop ...I might be preaching to
    the choir.

    Dennis Golombek

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