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Lesson Plans

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From: dj (djash)
Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 09:07:15 PDT

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    I hope this clarifies some of the questions I have been receiving as far
    as my grading procedures.

    I put the grade sheets on one piece of paper (back to back). Each
    student has one and it is dated for an entire marking period. At the
    beginning of each marking period... or the week grades are due in the
    office, I remind them of the grading system and have them fill out the
    tops of each side of the sheets. This helps remind them of the classroom
    procedures and when they receive their report card in a day or two....
    why they got the grade.

    FIRST GRADE: I grade on project skills - all skills are averaged
    together and that is one part of their grade. Do you all understand what
    I mean by skill grades? Each project is created using certain skill and
    techniques. Those skills are the students grades. (If needed I can send
    in email an example of those). They don't get one individual project
    grade for the completed work. That's a benefit for many reasons.

    SECOND GRADE: I use MS excel when it comes to averaging participation
    grades. I write a formula in one column for possible points to receive
    minus actual points lost. I type in only points lost and the computer
    does the rest... it gives me an average from 100 - 0. No, I don't stop
    class to do the grade sheets. When students enter the room on a work day
    (non introduction day) they are suppose to go straight to their cabinets
    and get their out work and materials and get started. I watch and as I
    take roll quickly, I can see who is standing around talking etc. As we
    are working, I know who is not participating and what they are doing.
    During an introduction, demonstration, I don't stop class to write BUT
    believe me I remember who causes a disturbance and at the end of the
    period I take note of it. During clean up (Their job skill grading), I
    am standing at my drawing desk watching the activities. My supervisors
    are running around double checking which jobs are done or not. My
    supervisors are held accountable if a job is not done. They have to do
    an unfinished job clean up if their classmates slack. (Supervisors are
    not crazy over doing extra work - who is? So they call out jobs and
    students names to get it done). Each job has to be done before the
    students leave OR both the job person and supervisors loss points. If
    the supervisors do someone else's job, the supervisors get noted for
    that. From my desk I can see the whole class and sometimes still must
    give additional directions.... after all they are kids. At the end of
    the period the bell rings, kids leave and I take 10 seconds to put
    checks by any student who did not follow directions. If I must... while
    it it fresh in my mind, I may write a short note on a grade sheet, all
    before the next class starts. I'm NOT a paper person and don't spend a
    lot of time on this or running around the room checking for everything
    at the end of each period. If something does get left out or not
    cleaned, when the next class comes in, they WILL tell me if their area
    was not cleaned properly. They know they will have to clean it BUT they
    also get rewarded with extra points and definitely want me to dock the
    last class.
    Their faithfulness to performing their job and the continuous proper
    care of tools and the room is their THIRD MAJOR GRADE AVERAGE.

    All three grades... project skills, participation, and job (tool care)
    are averaged together for a marking period grade. Weight them any way
    you feel fit.


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