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Daily Grades

From: mdecker (mdecker)
Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 07:40:30 PDT

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    I was probably too late...but sent attachments to several who could not open
    Donna's files.

    I have a "companion" file that would work well with Donna's daily grade.
    That way you would not need to run off a daily grade sheet for the 80% to
    90% of your students who do behave and do what they are told/expected to do
    (we have a "paper shortage" now at our school--we were all rationed two
    reams of paper for the rest of the year a couple weeks ago. I showed them! I
    gave my two reams to two teachers who were stressed out about it and bought
    my own---just keep on smiling). I have a discipline record sheet that has my
    rules--space for student to sign his/her name and space for the student's
    explanation (or my explanation). I do not have time to stop class to keep I just say "Go sign the book" (and they do it! how cool!).
    Anyway....I use this form with Access (enter info into my data base and can
    then find frequency and type of infraction --but honestly do not keep up the
    way I should. I cheat and tell the students that are "in trouble" that I
    have not had the time to notify their parents so they have one more chance
    to straighten up....It is so much fun how this works with middle school
    students). I still haven't worked all the bugs out of the Access data will use this method with Donna's form---just record the problems
    every few days. I have two different versions that will work for the daily
    infractions. The "H" with technology.

    I like my second one better because it gives space for students to write
    their side of what happened. Let me know if you would like the infraction
    record sheet(s).

    Judy Decker
    P.S. I really didn't say the bad word out loud ("H")...but oh the stories I
    could has been a very bad "tech week" in the Decker household.


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