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RE: Value/access

From: Kimberly Herbert (kimberly)
Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 06:05:34 PDT

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    Please be aware that museums have to face legal issues regarding the web. We
    must get the permission of the artist and/or the artist's estate, unless the
    artwork is considered to be in the public domain. Some lawyers/legal departs
    still fear that even with signed permission, that if the artist's copyright
    is violated by a third party using pictures from the web site, the museum
    might still be held libel in court. Another problem is that their have been
    attempts both in this country and others to hold the owners of servers libel
    for any illegal information that passes through a server even it did not
    originate with the owners, their employees, or clients. Another problem is
    that smaller museums can not afford to hire web masters. We have two people
    who are suppose to be responsible for the web site

    My duties include - finding new CAM exhibits, writing storylines and all
    labels for CAM exhibits, designing 6 - 12 hands-on activities for children
    2 - 12 years for each CAM exhibit, covering the reception desk at least once
    a week, serving on the education committee, locating new books for the
    library, conducting tours of thousands of kids and teacher a year, general
    maintaince (washing windows, mopping the floor, changing light bulbs,
    cleaning the bathrooms we have a crew once a week by with small kids it
    takes more), some grant writing, teaching classes, appeasing board members
    who have weird ideas about what should be a CAM, I am also the general
    computer trouble shooter, and the web site. 3/4 of the site should be the
    fine arts they have more exhibits, more information, but me being kept in
    the loop is like pulling teeth.

    The Administrative assistants also has web duties - she also writes grants,
    rents the public rooms, tries to keep track of our boss's location, puts out
    fires, covers the reception desk, runs membership, is on every fundraising
    committee, lots of desktop publishing, all the small projects that don't
    fall under anyone else's job.

    We are also running our site off our ISP, and have restrictions an the
    amount of space we can use. Heavy graphics, shochwave programs etc are not

    Kimberly Herbert (kimberly)
    CAM Administrator
    San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts/Children's Art Museum

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    << How do people feel about using
     technology such as the Internet, to access museums? >>

    It is a fabulous tool and one I use when I can - wish more museums that run
    would post their exhibitions - not everyone has the money or time to fly off
    to see a
    show. I especially enjoy sharing the online museums with my students -



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