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Re: Value/access

From: John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 05:29:41 PDT

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    Jenny Kessner wrote:
    > recommendations of interactive art museum sites. In
    > studying these sites, I have a
    > few questions. How do people feel about using
    > technology such as the Internet, to access museums?
    > Do you think these ventures are worth it
    > (educational)? To what extent do teachers use these
    > resources in his or her classroom?
    > Any comments are greatly appreciated.

    I think they can be an invaluable tool. Think of a native american
    child on a reservation who has no access to a computer, since phone
    lines are too far from their own home and money is non existent to
    buy a computer, but the youth center or clan as a group can have
    one. Not only for museum and educational purposes but also for
    Health access. Not just health on the part of doctor contact but
    virtual operations which could benefit a local doctor in an
    emergency or to update procedures.
            Now think about remote places on every continent. This opens up
    access and possibilities of equal education to places where they
    wouldn't have it otherwise. Many years ago, a wealthy person would
    go on a GRAND TOUR. It was possible to access knowledge and read all
    the books in the world at one time. This time is gone, but in it's
    place is an infinite amount of knowledge at your fingertips.
            Actually this can protect language from fading away. Tribal customs
    can be documented and saved. I have a native american site which
    allows me to here native american language spoken. I taped it onto a
    cassette and brought it into school when I covered native americans
    and let the kids here the words/songs/dances themselves.


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