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RE: student groupings by class

From: Kimberly Herbert (kimberly)
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 21:14:01 PDT

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    Melissa and anyone else, who can help,
            We are in the very beginning of planning a new Children's Art Museum. My
    boss is exploring funding. I want to make sure we more than meet the ADA
    requirements. I have some things just from my observations of our current
    situation. I want the doors to be wider than the required 36 inches, we meet
    that standard but some specialty wheelchairs have a problem fitting through.
    I also want level thresholds, not just for wheelchairs, but also strollers
    and carts with artwork. The outside doors will have to be heavy and have one
    of those push button door openers, because of our insurance requirements.
    (the kind you step on a sensor and it opens are easy to break into according
    to the company).
            I don't know how we can configure a good art sink and make it accessible to
    a wheel chair. It seems by the time you would get the bottom high enough for
    a chair to get under it the top would be out of reach, because of the sinks
    being so deep. The specialty wheel chairs are especially frustrating. The
    very low ones are easy. We have finger paint tables that we give to the
    parents (or teacher) and it is moved from station to station for the child.
    The very high ones especially the ones that tilt backwards with their feet
    every high, frustrate me. We use lap desk, but they don't work very well.
    If you have catalogues with special furniture, or other sources for
    information especially about setting up an art room for the widest variety
    of abilities, please let me know. Right now we are concerned most with the
    building layout and structure.

    Kimberly Herbert (kimberly)
    CAM Administrator
    San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts/Children's Art Museum

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    From: Melissa Enderle [melissae]
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    >Hi everyone, our principal is thinking of changing our current practice
    >of heterogeneous groupings of students to a homogeneous grouping. do
    >any of you have experience with this?. Our school district currently
    >has the 'academically challenged' students in homogeneous classes, but
    >the rest are all heterogeneous.( All abilities in one class) We also
    >practice inclusion and I'm not sure how this would fit into the picture
    >yet. If you have any input, I would love to hear it. Also, if you know
    >of any research on this subject, I'd appreciate that as well.
    I teach at a school which has multi-age, multi-ability classrooms.
    Overall, it works pretty good. I guess it's because thought is given
    to which classroom would the student best succeed. As many of you
    know, Gaenslen is a school with a 40% disability rate. It's a little
    harder with mixed classrooms to tell who was held back, etc. Some
    seem to benefit from having a teacher for the second time around. I
    also like how the older students tend to help the younger students.
    Sometimes, it's the opposite!

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