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Re: More on Digital Photography

From: Larry Seiler (
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 06:43:34 PDT

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    Todd...our school has two Mavica 83's, and I'm ordering the 88 for just our
    art department next year. I teach k-12 art, and in that one is computer
    graphic arts...which includes using the digital camera.

    I have the kids take pictures of each other's portrait at a higher
    resolution, then use Adobe Photoshop on the Macs to create imaginative
    personaes...including distortions, etc; They learn to use layers, tool
    effects, etc;

    I only fear that including these images on display sparked such interest
    that I may be overloaded next year in student numbers for the classes. We
    are a small logging community school, and our best computers in the labs
    have only 32 ram and we can't afford to go up to 64ram which Photoshop 5
    requires. So...we think (hope) we just found we can network license our
    existing Photoshop 3.0 and will have 10 computers for students to use next
    year....$1400 to license them.

    As for which is better...there are Photoshop versions for both the Mac and
    PC's...and Corel Draw rates right up there as an incredible graphic arts
    software program. While Photoshop & Macs remain the art standard...more and
    more tech ed classes are using PC's because businesses use the PC as their
    standard, and tech ed often engage in the business end. Consequently, many
    large school's tech ed classes use the Corel Draw programs.

    I think its what you like and get used to. I have a PC at home, with
    photoshop on it, then work with the Macs at our school. I do find that the
    Macs are a bit tempermental..almost if possible, "moody."

    Also...perhaps its just our system, but networks don't always allow for user
    friendly applications. For example, on my PC, I can minimize and keep
    several programs going at once so that I can move back and forth at
    ease...highlighting, copying, pasting...etc; such as Photoshop, Power
    Point...and the internet. Not so on our network. I have to save, close
    down the program. Open another program I want and call up the file, work
    with it, close down, re-open the other. A real pain.

    Larry Seiler


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