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Re: Crizmac summer workshops

From: Melissa Enderle (melissae)
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 16:20:20 PDT

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    >Beth and all,
    >I have never taken a Crizmac workshop, but I have heard from other art
    >teachers at the national convention that they are great.
    >The Spanish teacher and I are taking the seminar/trip in Oaxaca, Mexico
    >next fall during the Days of the Dead. We are pumped. School gave us a
    >week off to attend and our tuition allotment helped to pay for the seminar.
    > We are getting credit from the Univ. of Cali, Irvine through a
    >travel/study program.
    >I understand that we need 12 fellow travelers to make the trip fly. I sure
    >hope there are others of you out there who will take the it. This is the
    >first time it has been scheduled at this prime festival time in the hopes
    >that the opprtunity would be maximized even though it is during school
    >time. Be creative, gang! Talk your way into this. It should be fantastico.
    >Are there any other Crizmac traveling veterans out there? Speak up.

    I took the Crizmac trip to Oaxaca, Mexico City and Cuernavaca last
    summer. It was well planned, and jam packed for the amount of days. I
    especially enjoyed going to the villages and seeing the people where
    they made the crafts - including several well known artisans such as
    Fuentes, Jimenez, and Aguilar.
    I would like to go again! Well worth it.

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