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Re: More on Digital Photography

From: Batmom44
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 10:49:50 PDT

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    Perhaps you can offer the BOE an alternative. since they won't let you accept
    the free workstations, they should be willing to purchase an equal number of
    PC workstations. Of course they should have the fastest processor available,
    the largest amount of ram available, and the largest HD available.
    You can tell them that you know an art techer in Horry County (pronounced
    Orry county) in South Carolina who has seven workstations. each workstation
    that came to me was always the latest porcessor, ram and hard drive
    available. That is what the school district always places in any classroom or
    lab in the district. Every classroom in this district has at least one PC
    with at least 32 meg ram, etc. We get new computers every year and the ram is
    always greater and the hard drives larger, etc.I will also add at least 2
    workstations perhaps even 5 in the coming school year. Also when the new ones
    come in our tech replaces my slowest ones with new ones so that we can run
    the softward that we use for all that we do. Now my point is if we in little
    ole dumb ole backward ole South Carolina can manage that surely they can at
    the very least not look a gifthorse in the mouth. 'Cause I can assure you
    that even we are not that dumb. :-)) It's worth a shot.


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