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Re: More on Digital Cameras

From: Clark Fralick (cfralick)
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 19:47:17 PDT

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    WOW, very impressive. But, for $900 ? I'll stick with my Mavica and use the
    other $400 dollars on something else. thanks for the info. I'm sure the
    prices will come down by Christmas.

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    Subject: More on Digital Cameras

    > My "Tech Guy" decided to share the toys (are you reading this Clark?)! I
    > this e-mail about a new Panasonic Camera. I will check it out before I
    > purchase the Sony. I have used several versions of the Sony (Especially
    > the fancy zoom one!! "Way Cool") The Panasonic sounds like it does
    > everything the Sony does (and costs less)...but will take the Super floppy
    > disks (as well as regular floppies)...sounds like a good deal to me (I
    > super floppy drives on both computers at home)
    > E-mail from my "tech guy":
    > The new digital camera I was talking to you about is made by
    > Panasonic. It uses a SuperDisk and can capture up to 1500
    > images on one disk. It even comes with a USB port to rapidly
    > transport images from camera to PC. I think it will also record
    > motion with sound. The camera can actually be used as an
    > external SuperDisk drive for a Computer. The web site for the
    > camera is:
    > This is Judy again:
    > You might want to check the web site before you make a decision. I intend
    > check around to see if any of our camera places have one in stock. Unless
    > the quality of the Casios have improved...I would not recommend one. Our
    > Tech guy is even going to sell his Casio. He thought we should buy Casio
    > instead of the Sony...But someone--me--knew we needed the Sony :-)
    > You know...these companies ought to give us bonuses for selling their
    > products! I am curious if anyone has had any experience with the Panasonic
    > cameras? Ask your "techies", too
    > Judy Decker
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