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Lesson Plans

Fish Kites

From: Donald Peters (softsnow)
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 06:23:28 PDT

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    Here's the lesson plan on fish kites that I received from another local
    teacher(I also have some resource material, but don't have the time to type
    all of it in--about 7 pages worth) I have not done this lesson so
    unfortunately I do not have any pictures of examples to go along with this.

    Grade Level: 4-6
    Objective: Each student will create a fish kite with a color scheme

    Motivational resources: Pictures of fish, pictures of kites, history of
    kites, discussion of Japanese kites and traditions, color scheme examples

    Vocabulary: Kites, color schemes

    18x20 manila grid paper, newsprint, pencils/crayons, scissors, paper towels,
    tea filters(industrial), acrylic paint, paint brushes/water contatiner,
    craft bond glue, dowel rods 2/student, string, pelon, masking tape,
    sharpies-black, "stroke master"

    Essential elements: A) Awareness and sesnitivity to: 1. Line, color, shape
    texture, value, form space 2. Unity, emphasis, balance, variety
    B) Art Media: Drawing, painting, printmaking, 3-D, manipulating fibers
    C) Understanding and appreciating of self and others through culture and
    D) Aesthetic Growth 1. Explore artwork of students and major artists
    2. Apply art knowledge and judgment through personal choice.

    Procedure: Intro: Motivation/discussion--kites/Japanese traditions
    Begin: Choose and design fish kite/3 thumbnail sketches on newsprint-choose
    best sketch for kite. Draw all parts of kite on manila grid paper/lable with
    Day 2: Complete drawing and labeling-cut out all pieces and trace them onto
    large tea filters-paint tea filters with watered down acrylic paint-cut out,
    notch and cut/tape dowel rods together for frame, stretch string around
    frame, attach fish parts to pelon with waterted down craft bond glue
    Day 3: Complete frame and attaching fish parts to pelon, attach kite to
    frame, seal with "stroke master", make all kite tails at attach string to
    Day 4: Fly kites!

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