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RE: digital camera

From: Kimberly Herbert (kimberly)
Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 20:22:34 PDT

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    I use a Sony Mavica FD 88. I agree with Woody the using the floppy disks is
    great. I can get from 9 - 25 pictures on a disk depending on what they are
    going to be used for. The lowest setting is great for the web, and we used
    the highest resolution for desktop publishing. It saves me lots of time
    because I don't need to reduce the resolution for the web. It saves in JPEG,
    so the pictures can be viewed on most computers. It actually creates a web
    page for viewing your pictures; any computer with a browser can use this

    I have a CDR/RW on my laptop, so I transfer the pictures to CDROM's and
    reuse the disks. When my boss needs something done right now for a
    presentation or grant, we don't have to send someone scrambling to go
    through the archives for a picture then scan it. I take pictures of all
    exhibits, and most events. The Fine Arts people keep the CDROM's in a file
    in the copy room. Either the curator or development assistant can grab it
    and access the pictures without flipping through a ton of disks. (We have
    130? Pieces in the ceramics exhibit that I have to photograph at the highest
    resolution for desktop publishing that would be 16 - 18 floppies and I don't
    know how many memory cards for the other types of digital cameras. )

    If you don't have access to a CDR/RW, and you need to have multiple disks of
    the same pictures for something, you can create copies in the camera with
    the disk tool.

    Invest in an extra battery and keep both charged for events. Last week we
    had the opening of the 13th San Angelo National Ceramics Competitions. This
    is a three-hour event, plus I was taking pictures of the portfolio class for
    a series of self portraits. I kept one battery plugged into the charger and
    used the other switching when the battery ran low. These batteries are long
    lasting, I switched maybe twice during the night and was taking flash
    pictures. You do not lower the ability for the battery to charge, if you
    only charge half way like you do with the old cell phone or camcorder

    Kimberly Herbert (kimberly)
    CAM Administrator
    San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts/Children's Art Museum

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    The most recent images and movies on my web site were done with
    the Sony Mavica FD 83. I would definitely recommend it. It is best
    for images you are going to put on the web. It is not for high quality
    printing of large images. It's best feature is the use of standard floppy
    discs for storage. There must be at least 40 discs full on my desk now,
    it total those 40 cost less than one replacement disc for the higher
    quality cameras. To see some of my images go to
    or to see the movies it can make go to
    Good luck and good shopping, Woody in KC

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