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Lesson Plans

Re: Seurat

From: Artemis420
Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 16:36:12 PDT

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    ernst85 writes:

    << Can anyone give me some ideas/lessons on teaching Seurat and pointillism
     3rd or 4th grade. We have already done projects on color and complementary
     color. I'd like to use paint and tempera is all I have to work with. Do you
     think they can grasp this concept at that age and be successful in making a
     painting? Thanks for in info Chris SC >>

    I do a simplified version of "The Grande Jatte' with cotton swabs and the 3
    primary colors.
    A directed lesson. Color addition. Recognizing primary mixes.
    Draw a horizon line, draw a curving line of distant trees just above it.
    Draw a curve from horizon line at edge of paper down to about half way across
    at bottom (river bank). Draw a tall tree from bank to top of page, add
    branches and foliage, draw a reclining figure on bank under tree. Add small
    boat with triangular sails, add its reflection in the water, add some cloud
    shapes in upper half, add their reflections in the water. (sky).

    Begin with blue dots all over except in boat sails and clouds and
    reflections. Add yellow dots over the blue to make green in the trees along
    the horizon line, in the branches of tall tree, on the tree trunks and the
    person and the boat hulls...everywhere except where it will remain white. Add
    red to tree trunks and branches and boat hull, and reclining figure. The
    third color makes brown of course.
    With each new color the picture takes shape. Add more of each color to places
    where the darkest shades are needed.


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