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Lesson Plans

Re: Seurat

From: Anna N. (anna)
Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 16:27:29 PDT

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    They love it! I just did a pointellism project with my third graders. The
    key is to keep it small, it does take a long time, and you dont want them
    to burn out. But they love the effect and how it is so different than
    drawing and painting with a brush. We used q-tip swabs and tempera paint
    to design a book cover for a poetry book. (I was doing an integrative
    lesson with their classroom teachers, who had an poet residecny and all the
    kids wrote several poems). We looked at the artwork of Suerat, discussed
    what a theme, illustration, unity, and text.
       We looked at some books that had nice illustrations and discussed how it
    effects the book/writing/story... We also talked about what a theme is.
    They chose their favorite poem (written previously in classroom) decided
    what the main idea of their poem was, and we did a visual brainstorm of all
    the images that could represent that theme, and chose one to draw on 4x6
    pieces of oak tag. The next class we looked at Suerat's style-poitelism, I
    demonstrated for them "how to" they began painting their covers. (for
    advanced students, its a great way to introduce tints/shades to create 3-d
    look. They loved it, it took them about two classes to do this. (some
    faster, some slower of course!) Then we did accordian fold pages and
    created a border inside (with the same pointellisim) technique to create
    unity. They had typed up their poems in computer class, so I had xeroxed
    them, and we cut and pasted the words onto the pages (after trying
    different ways of arranging and spacing out). Then if they had more room
    they added more illustrations. Then we added a back cover including info
    about the author, and other options like copyright dates and puvblishers
    (the kids like making up the names/places for these).
    It was wonderful, and the kids were really proud of their artwork, and
    reinvigorated for their writing! We also talked reviewed color ideas like
    complimentary etc...and how it makes things stand out more...many great
    ideas can be brought into this technique! I had a doctor donate the swabs!
    (and April is poetry month!)

    Anyway, if you keep it small and simple, they will love it.


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