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Lesson Plans

Re: NAEA Conference Printing Workshop

From: Judie (judiej50)
Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 04:00:03 PDT

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    Susan, your directions are clear. As it it turns out I've been trying to
    do some printing on different surfaces, and this would have been a
    wonderful session. Unfortunately, or maybe not--I truly enjoyed the
    conference--I didn't get to too many demonstration, sharing of ideas
    sessions. Most of the ones I went to dealt with assessment, which I need
    to concentrate on.

    An e-mail came later from the presenter as follows:

    "Sorry you didn't get a handout..never thought that so many people would
    come...if you want more inforamtion and a copy of the ideas presented at
    Illusionary Printmaking I would be more than happy to can
    contact me at
    KHeifetz @ or here on the list serv.....thanks anna

    I responded and asked for a copy of her handout. Havent't gotten one yet.
    Was wondering if you had.

    P.S. In your description of the 6"x 6" hand drawing, what do you use for
    the background layer. Do you pring multiple copies of the hand on acetate
    and flip or what? I'm so sorry I missed this workshop!!!!!

    Thanks. Judie

    >To Judy and anyone else interested in info on this lesson: I was one of the
    >unfortunate ones who did not get a handout. I went to the copy room to buy
    >one and it was closed, so here's the info from my notes: This lesson was
    >done with middle school children but can easily be adapted for all ages. The
    >printing was referred to as Illusionary Printing because artwork was printed
    >on acetate. Two or three layers of the print were moved 30 degrees each in
    >"shadowbox-type" framing with foamcore in between to separate the layers and
    >build them up.. Does this make sense the way I'm describing it? The
    >presenters mentioned using Photoshop/Painter, cutting up moire patterns,
    >scanning in computer. Also, print with tempera paint and Ross art paste on
    >the dull side of alluminum foil, freezer paper, fine sandpaper and put
    >through Dot Matrix. Another idea for printing is a 6"x6" hand drawing with
    >fine line marker. Scan drawing into computer using Photoshop. Manipulate
    >lines on the computer, print on acetate (acetate for jetprinter available at
    >Staples). Print background layer on paper. I think an e-mail was given out
    >for this workshop, anyone have it? Susan on Long Island


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