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Re: misguided help/ a little pick-me-up after the daily grind

From: J Baas (wjbaas)
Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 19:22:14 PDT

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    How true Sharon
    Gotta relay a plesant experience had today
     My biggest gangbanger is hooked --------line and sinker. Have the foundations
    kids working with clay. Found out some have never had any clay experience at
    all. Thet love it and are so quiet and busy. Anyway this little gold bedraped
    skinny talented truant kid has become like a tumor on my leg. He draws
    beautifully, but doesn't like to do any class assignments. Very bright and
    replys to classroom discussions. Finished his assignment and asked what to do. I
    said "make something you would like." then had to qualify when he responded
    "yeah man I can make a cool bong". NOT! I also had a visiting foreign exchange
    student from Russia for the hour. At the end of the period, he was still working
    and asked if he could come in the next class period instead of going to study
    hall. He comes beboppin in and sits down next to the Russian student who also
    requested to stay in the Art room instead of following the schedule of her host
    student. The exchange was phenonemonal. The 3 of us yadda yaddaed all thru the
    hour and into 1 hour after school. The gangbanger said Woah man I didn't know it
    was this late. Time really goes fast in here. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A real
    heartwarming experience and a real upper instead of the complaining parent and
    nasty dragon lady. This is why I teach art. Had to relay some of the GOOD stuff.


    > If I don't try I can't fail.
    > settle for
    > the expected. Am I encouraging this guy or discouraging him. My son
    > has
    > been an overachiever in his mind but an underachiever in life - I
    > never did
    > find an answer for him - so am lost with this type of student. Help
    > please.
    > Roberta
    > ---


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