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Sites for sculpture needed

From: mdecker (mdecker)
Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 16:09:30 PDT

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    After all of the good sites I have garnered from this list...I decided never
    to do my own search again until I asked what sites you folks have found to
    be helpful...I Bookmarked the Henry Moore site. I am going to try the panty
    hose sculpture (maybe---less expenive than what I had planned to do) and
    would like to know if any of you have found/used sites with sculptures by
    Jean (Juan?) Arp or Dubuffey (sp?). Hope you all can tell who I mean. Have
    you used any other good Henry Moore sites. I will start searching myself in
    a couple weeks. I will post them all to the list for all of the "panty hose"
    people (OK others too). Where is Joseph? Got any good ones?

    Did anyone else still need the Escher/tessellation list? Here is the list I
    sent to those who requested (some of the tessellation sites are "old
    friends"--and have been posted to the list before):

    MC Escher sites and Tessellation sites

    M. C. Escher’s Life

    World of M.C. Escher Gallery

    Maurits Cornelius Escher--Mathematician

    Quotes by M. C. Escher

    What I give form to in daylight is only one per cent of what I have seen in
    Quoted in D MacHale, Comic Sections (Dublin 1993)
    By keenly confronting the enigmas that surround us, and by considering and
    analysing the observations that I have made, I ended up in the domain of
    mathematics, Although I am absolutely without training in the exact
    sciences, I often seem to have more in common with mathematicians than with
    my fellow artists.
    Quoted in E Maor, To infinity and beyond (Princeton 1991)
    The ACCESS INDIANA Teaching & Learning Center- M. C. Escher
    Guide to Math/Art
    Short bio and work of Escher
    Khushboo’s Virtual Gallery- Escher works
    David McAllister site with images—also has some interesting images done by
    other artists who were inspired by Escher’s work
    MIT- Escher’s World—Mathematicians Web site
    Really neat computer tessellations using Java

    Polyhedra of M.C. Escher

    Short bio- Encyclopedia Britannica,5716,33562+1,00.html

    Related article- Impossible figures,5716,117294+18,00.html

    Zui Har’El’s M.C. Escher Collection


    Tessellation: Suzanne Alejandre Tessellation tutorial

    Making you own Tessellations

    Jim Mc Neill Website

    Kaleidoscope Painter

    Tessellations links

    Credit Woody and Pam for some of these above. The really neat Escher one I
    wrote about is the one from MIT.



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